Saturday, June 25, 2011


This is my 1000th post on this blog and what have I learned?
I learned that a lot of people find my blog when looking for a Canadian line dancer, a realtor from the south, Sandra Bullock...the list goes on.

The 1000th post to a blog is a milestone I guess, like hitting 1000 miles on your car or hitting your head.
I hope this blog brightens your day from time to time or if nothing else gives you that same self esteem boost I get when watching a TLC show about people who have weird addictions like eating toilet paper or laundry detergent. If I'm your "at least I'm not as bad as her" person, your welcome.  Anything I can do to validate your normalcy is my pleasure.

I notice I have patterns in my blogging.  At times I can write until the cows come home and then they do and I spend so much time playing with the cows that I forget to write a blog for weeks.  Damn cows.

The advent of posting pictures and videos has really cut down on my work and being a lazy blogger is a pattern I sometimes fall into.  But it's much better than falling into a ditch or a bear trap.  Believe me...oh, that might be a good blog.  Maybe for #1290 or perhaps I will wait until I hit the 2000's to write about the bear trap incident, by then the statute of limitation will have passed and I will be free to tell you the whole story. Who knew a bear could afford a lawyer?

I am just impressed (or embarrassed, the two feelings are so closely related) that people continually read this blog.   In fact, 20,061 (68 from Latvia) have visited my blog since it's existence and all I have to say to you is...go outside and play with the cows!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Thank You!

A big thank you to the 400+ who came to the show Friday night.
It was great to see so many people with sore cheeks! I do what I can to build the Kingdom...and the Parish Center.

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

It's OK...Maybe

Tick Tock

Buy your tickets soon! Don't get left behind (like the rapture but different)