Thursday, December 03, 2015

Who the What?

Damn you social media! For you are the reason this blog is so neglected. I am so 'busy' trying to post things in 140 characters or less that this long blank page is very intimidating. I remember the good ol days when I would write down my thoughts, longer than a sentence. Writing. Typing. I don't even remember how to use a pen on anything longer than signing my name! Longhand? Sounds like too much commitment. While writing that last sentence I've left the computer over 10 times because other projects caught my eye. Those projects only held my attention for several minutes and I now have several piles of projects strewn around my living room. I want to do it all at once! Then I start and I remembered 4 hours ago I just went to look up a recipe on the interweb and here it is...11:36AM. Squirrel!

CatholicTV Interview