Saturday, May 12, 2012

Donde Jude?

I have had a busy few months and my bum has been molded into air plane seats. Here is my schedule since March:
  • March 22 The Los Angeles Religious Education Congress 
  • Youth Day March 24 Scottsdale, ARIZONA 
  • March 26 Seton Catholic Preparatory Chandler, ARIZONA 
  •  March 31 Warrior Dash 
  • April 13 -14 Amarillo TEXAS 
  • April 17 Purdue University, West Lafayette, INDIANA 
  • April 23 Clarksville, MARYLAND 
  • April 27 Diocese of Portland, OREGON 
  • May 4 - 5 Youth Day Archdiocese of Vancouver

I got to eat rocky mountain oysters, Run over fire, eat gilato in Indiana AND Canada, see my sister, talk to over 4,000 people about Jesus and got 5 new youth ministry t-shirts that I will never ever wear. All in all a good few months. I am now grounded until June 18th and am very happy about it.