Monday, July 23, 2012

Greenvile, NC Mission Trip: Pittsburgh

Sunday ~ Joy-filled Laughter! What a blessing this day has been! Our Sunday morning began with a beautiful Mass in St. Paul of the Cross Monastery Church where we were warmly welcomed by both the congregation and the Passionist priests. After a quick lunch, the group headed over to Sandcastle Waterpark for a joyful day filled with laughter, community, and water slides! And the laughter did not stop there. We were treated to a fantastic evening by Judy McDonald, a phenomenal Catholic comedian. She had us rolling with jokes about everything from hairballs to Confession to her dad's cellphone. Without a doubt, the laughter and joy in that room was contagious. :) We closed the night by meeting with our family work groups in preparation for tomorrow, the first day of work. While that sums up the day, I couldn't finish this without telling you how proud I am of these teens. Their love and kindness and thoughtfulness has truly touched my heart. On several different occasions I have witnessed one teen reaching out to another, extending a loving arm even when it took them outside of their comfort zone. We are without a doubt building the Body of Christ here in Pittsburgh, and I am thrilled to be a part of it all! Thanks for your prayers and support! We send our love and prayers your way. In Christ, Dani Moloney

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Fun in Fortworth

Short video of my friend and speaker, Roy Petitfils getting PUNKED by Bishop Vann of Fort Worth. Roy returned from the restroom noticing that the Bishop switched seats with him. His facial expression is saying "The Bishop is eating my dinner. We may have to have words...and I'll be excommunicated." Bishop Vann is GREAT sport.

On the Road Again...and Again: St. Louis

Judy McDonald
Judy lightened the mood of Saturday night by sharing some stories and jokes from her life. She shared about her dogs and about her family. She transitioned from joking about her family to sharing about her and her family’s devotion to the Blessed Mother.
Pictures of the Blessed Mother were all over Judy’s house, from the refrigerator to plates with Mary’s image. But the most startling and inspirational aspect that Judy touched on was Mary’s “YES” to God. She said, “There is never a best time for an angel to show up and say you’re going to give birth to the savior of the world.”
Mary embraced the role that God had for her. As Judy shared “Mary is human. Mary has free will, just like I have free will.” She stressed that Mary trusted God with everything.
Judy used this image to challenge the teens to be strong in their YES to God.
“Let your YES mean YES. Have a strong YES.”