Thursday, January 29, 2015

Happy One Year Anniversary!

One year ago today Dr. Neville Allyne a very skilled surgeon and a great smelling man along with the help of a giant robot, sliced into my back. They scooped my vertebrae out, shoved a titanium rod and some donor cadaver bones to fashion vertebra, a few bolts and bang boom; congratulations Jude, you just had a spinal fusion! 

A year later and my mom asks, "well, would you do it all over again?" And without missing a beat I answered, "yes, without a doubt!"

My back is not perfect,yet! Three days ago I had my third injection in my SI joint on my right side. Did it work? Lets just say, I sneezed yesterday morning and saw Jesus. Oh my me I am in a daily battle against pain but I am in a far better place today than where I was a year ago. I don't randomly fall down because my foot doesn't drop. I can sit for more than a minute at a time, sure it's two minutes, but this is a building year. I can't run but I consider that a plus. I still haven't reached my goal of stepping back into the water and surfing but doc has benched me for this year. If I hurt my back in the water before everything fuses that could be a HUGE problem and frankly, I'm sick and tired of those. 

Daisy has been a tremendous help getting me back out walking. First a minute at a time then five minutes, up to our first mile, three miles up to five until Dr. Allyne said to bring it back down! Also Marc Garber my physical therapist puts up with my late arrival to PT and his staff puts up with me only because they love Daisy so much. Of course my mom and dad feed me, walk me, dress me and my dad reminds me that I have two more surgeries to catch up to his four surgeries. 

My first back surgery was just a little microdiscectomy that I regret but was a necessity at the time since the vertebra which was pushing out was pushing on the nerve that controlled when I would go tinkle. Since I hadn't tinkled in 2 days it was a pressing matter, pun intended. 

Leading up to my fusion, which we had time to get ready for. I spent about 4 weeks teaching Tri City Hospital about the ADA and how Daisy played into it and what that meant about her coming into the waiting area and yes she does get to spend the night. Why? Because she's my service dog and she's with me 24/7. No, I don't want her in the O.R. that's gross. I don't want one of her frequent flier hairs to lodge into my spine and...anywaaaaaaaay after some lawyer phone call threats every visit to the hospital visit for pre-op was met with no less than three hospital administrators meeting us at the doorway! Ha! Go ADA!

Happy anniversary titanium and donor bone that makes me move! We might not able to dance with pelvic thrusts anymore but we can walk AND we know when we have to tinkle and isn't that what it's all about?

Monday, January 26, 2015

The Dennis Miller Show

I found some more photos from my appearance on the Dennis Miller Show a few years back. Going to a taping of the Late Late Show a week ago made me think I had been there before. I could have sworn the DMS taped there but of course nobody working there had been around long enough to remember. Ah showbiz. I wish I had hair and makeup people everyday to help me achieve maximum awesomeness. Also, did I mention the DMS show had a chimpanzee and I got to play with it after my set? Best part of the day! I mean, other than being on TV. Anyway, enjoy. 

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The Late Late Show with Jim Gaffigan

Don't ask me how but Daisy gets me places no agent or publicist could ever! 
Long blog to follow.