Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Daisy Mae McDonald

To all my Daisy-Loving friends,


I've been busted by Daisy's dog trainer. She came out to give me a lesson with Daisy because I had been experiencing some difficult behaviors from her. Since my surgery she has lost all self-control when she sees people she knows. I have a really hard time controlling her, she loses focus on me, doesn't help me, and sometimes even breaks away from me to go and play with her Daisy-Loving friends. My trainer tells me this is happening because I am letting people pet her and play with her. I was reminded that her vest says "Do Not Pet' for a reason. I've been ignoring it because it is so fun to see her interact with everyone she loves, and I hate saying no to people, because I don't want anyone to be mad at me but in the end I do see how it is causing her to lose focus and that's not good!

My trainer tells me that service dogs are supposed to be 'ignored' by everyone other than their handler because most dogs cannot focus when there is any chance they think they may get positive attention from anyone but me.

So, this is what's happening.

 I've been letting everyone pet her and talk to her, and so she has learned to get excited (very excited) when she sees all of you. If you want to send Daisy love letters, I will read them to her, but my trainer says no more attention. No Petting. No Talking to Daisy, think of her as the invisible 8-foot bunny ”Harvey” in the 1950 movie with Jimmy Stewart.

Please, this means you, yes, you.

Yes, I know you donated, but you donated for Daisy to help me and this is the only way she can continue to help me. So if you really need to pet something you can pet me.

I'm so sad, but I do see how this will help. Daisy has had so much money and time invested into her training to make sure she helps me and my trainer tells me I really have to crack down to make sure she behaves as she was trained to. I'm cc'ing the trainer in this email to prove how much I want to help Daisy with this. If you have any questions feel free to call Daisy’s Trainer, Katie at Little Angels (619)888-2268

Thank you all so much for your understanding and for helping me get Daisy back into action!


Judy & Daisy