Monday, July 23, 2012

Greenvile, NC Mission Trip: Pittsburgh

Sunday ~ Joy-filled Laughter! What a blessing this day has been! Our Sunday morning began with a beautiful Mass in St. Paul of the Cross Monastery Church where we were warmly welcomed by both the congregation and the Passionist priests. After a quick lunch, the group headed over to Sandcastle Waterpark for a joyful day filled with laughter, community, and water slides! And the laughter did not stop there. We were treated to a fantastic evening by Judy McDonald, a phenomenal Catholic comedian. She had us rolling with jokes about everything from hairballs to Confession to her dad's cellphone. Without a doubt, the laughter and joy in that room was contagious. :) We closed the night by meeting with our family work groups in preparation for tomorrow, the first day of work. While that sums up the day, I couldn't finish this without telling you how proud I am of these teens. Their love and kindness and thoughtfulness has truly touched my heart. On several different occasions I have witnessed one teen reaching out to another, extending a loving arm even when it took them outside of their comfort zone. We are without a doubt building the Body of Christ here in Pittsburgh, and I am thrilled to be a part of it all! Thanks for your prayers and support! We send our love and prayers your way. In Christ, Dani Moloney