Thursday, March 27, 2008

Vincenza, Italy

Today I was honored not only to take a body combat class on base but also to be serenaded by the Vincenza elementary school while they formed a living breathing Italian flag. They sang Volare and it would have brought a tear to Dean Martin's eye....even Sammy Davis' fake one. I then did laundry in a real live American washer and dryer and it was done under an hour! I also was able to buy American deodorant (a must when it hits over 68 degrees). And then we went out to the movie theatre on base (I am getting to use to standing for the National Anthem before anything starts) to see Sweeney Todd, which makes me not want to go to get my haircut any time soon. Tomorrow is my show at the Ciao Conference and who knows what after that. All I do know for sure s that there will be gilato involved.