Monday, February 08, 2010

Funeral Food for Thought

I just got back from my third funeral in 2 weeks. It's not that there has been a great outbreak of swine flu or a gang of axe wielding clowns who were released from a mental ward went on a killing spree.

The truth of the matter is a majority of my friends are over 60, not that being over 60 is a straight shot to the grave. I know, as do you, when Jesus has your room ready, you go no matter the age. But statistically the odds are not in my favor for long lasting friendships with most of my buds. Of course after attending a funeral it makes you think. So after three funerals I have been thinking a lot. Surprisingly I wasn't thinking I need younger friends to avoid these funerals. To tell you the truth I like funerals.

Let me specify, I like some funerals more than others.

First of all, in general, funerals don't cost me any money. When your friend dies, you don't have to buy any presents. They aren't registered anywhere. But if your friend marries or gives birth, you are in for hundreds of dollars buying presents, outfits, plane tickets, shotguns, etc.

What makes a good funeral for me? A quick answer would be, a funeral that doesn’t star me.

The long version is, a good funeral is when, even if a tragic and untimely death, it's a reminder that the person who died knew where they were going. I like funerals that the deceased helped plan. Those are the best! That way, you can’t complain about the song choice…

Funerals are a great reminder that we will all exit this earth one day. Funerals make me think how creative God is. Wouldn't that be horrible if there was only one way to go? And it was the same age for everyone? Boring. God gives us a bit of variety, no a lot of variety on how we exit.

We have thousands of ways of leaving. You can go kicking and screaming, while taking a nap, crossing the street, getting out of the bath tub, in a hail of gun fire, kicking a ball, plugging in the toaster, a horrible disease, being eaten by your cat, the list is endless.

Here’s hoping when Jesus calls you home, you go right away and don’t wait for Him to yell your first, middle and last name.