Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I took a big step today and got a free sample of the new Kitty Kelly Biography, OPRAH on my Kindle!
When I say Oprah I have to yell it a la Tina Fey on 30 Rock. OOOP-RAAAAAHHHHHHH! I have tried to say it normally but find it nearly impossible. So I will let you know if I learn anything scandalous within the first 12 pages which is what a sample on the Kindle is.
If I don't gasp at least three times within 12 pages I will not buy the rest of the book.  Also, I demand pictures in this book.  I just hope there are not pictures of me because I don't remember ever taking any pictures with her, but then again I have lapses. Like sometimes I try to eat just one potato chip and before I know it my hands goes clear through the bottom of the bag and I'm outside drinking out of the garden hose.  So I guess it's very possible that I could be in the new Oprah book.  If I am I hope it's a good picture and my eyes are all the way open.  Sometimes I do the half eye squint in my left eye, so embarrassing.