Sunday, November 07, 2010

My Dog Thinks I am Dumb

Every year it's the same thing, we fall back and change our clocks yet no one EVER informs Chewie of this.  Chewie is currently on a diet because, well, he is obese.  Only dog food and carrots for awhile for him.
So, on this new diet, Chewie really values his two meal times which occur in the morning and then again at 5pm.  Chewie has an internal clock everyday around a half hour before meal time he tries to remind you that he lacks opposable thumbs and that you are responsible for getting his dinner ready.

So now that the clocks are back one hour and at 4pm he is looking at me like I am an idiot.  The dog thinks I am dumb.  He thinks I don't remember that he eats.  He will continue this for at least a month.  If he wrote a blog (once again the thumbs thing) he would write that the humans have finally proven they are a inferior species. 

If you see him, tell him I'm not as dumb as he thinks I am...but don't feed him!