Sunday, January 09, 2011

El Centro, CA

I awoke around 4am Saturday morning and although happy to receive it, the dogs were confused as to why they were eating their breakfast at such an early hour. 
They were because I had to leave the house by 5am to make sure I was at St. Mary Catholic Church in El Centro by 8am for a youth day I was speaking at.  Having never driven to El Centro I wasn't quite sure how long it would take me so I made sure I left in plenty of time. he fact was I had no idea were I was going.  I had asked about 3 different people for directions and had, well, 3 different sets of directions.  The interweb had let me down and had no idea how to get me there either.  Was I dejected? A little.  But I figured if Jesus wanted me there He would get me there.  I was taking that bumper sticker, "God as my co-pilot" to a whole new level.  I drove past Lakeside and up into the mountains, uncharted territory for me alone.
At one point the fog rolled in and I couldn't see a few feet in front of me and then in an instant it would open up again and be clear. The road didn't change, it was just I couldn't see it.  I started to think on my drive how that's how it is in life, we never get to see the whole trip right away we sometimes just see a few feet ahead of us at a time the rest has to do with trust and quality tires.
Before someone calls the shmultz police I will let you know I drove for two and a half hours and found it no problem. I had two talks for about 200 very nice teens and made it home by 3:30pm.  I love my job, even the commute.