Sunday, March 20, 2011

Los Angeles Youth Day - AKA the Arena

The Anaheim Arena holds 7,500 people yet the computer spit out 7,855 tickets for my session at LA Youth Day...the more the merrier!
It was quite the experience to speak to a packed arena and now that it's over I can honestly say that close to 8,000 in the audience is way easier than a room of 7 people who you can hear breathing.
I was blessed to have momma come up and also about 50 teens from my own Parish of St. Francis to be in attendance.
I love having shows close to home, it's always fun to have people in attendance who can bring me back down if I start to think too highly of myself.  Can't wait to leave the state again!

I was also excited to hear and then hug Fr. Greg Boyle, founder of Homeboy Industries and author of a great book, Tattoos on the Heart. If you have not read it, try it, you might like it and be inspired to get that tattoo removed!

A great time and now a few days off before heading to Louisiana for some fun down on da Bayou.