Saturday, April 06, 2013

Daisy went to Preschool

A few weeks ago Daisy and I payed a visit to a preschool classroom when it just happened to be be "Pet Week".  The kids were so cute and listened as I explained that Daisy "worked" with me. Then I opened it up for questions, something that you should never do in a preschool setting, since they all have statements more than questions. A little girl raised her hand and said, "why does she gotta work?" so I explained that Daisy was a special dog and was a good helper.  The little girl didn't buy that story and raised her hand again and said, "ya, but why does she have to go to work?" Finally, the fact that I should never work with preschoolers bubbled over and I said "Miss Judy sometimes feels bad and mistakenly thinks that buying things will fill the void in her soul that really only God can fill but at the end of the month the bill still comes and THAT is why Daisy has to work, so she can pay the bills!"
To which the little girls said, "OK" and was satisfied and then went on to listen to the little boy next to her "ask a question" about his hamster.  Praise Jesus for letting me be a comedian and not a Preschool teacher, Amen.