Friday, September 27, 2013

$1700 Picture

My 3 day RACZ procedure is over. Now I just have to let the juices "cook" for a few weeks and see if they did their work and ate up all the scar tissue and then filled up the gaps with fresh healthy blood flow or some blah blah, medical stuff that I didn't really listen too much because I was busy looking at my hand because when your on the kind of drugs that they had me on, looking at your hand is faciniating! 
Good thing I had the best nurse ever. 
And only a handful I of people thought I was serious when I posted that it wasn't my back at all but that I had given birth to a healthy baby boy. No wonder I was in pain when he comes out at 6 weeks old!

I sure did show my insurance. When They don't cover a procedure that might just help me perhaps avoid spinal fusion I take lots I pictures. "Oh thank God Obama care will come fix every thing soon!" said Daisy in her most sarcastic voice ever as she went to go check on the baby. 
Stay classy and always lift with your back in quick, short thrusting and jerking motions!