Saturday, October 14, 2006

Hello! Goodbye!

I got home last night around 10pm and slept in my own bed! Whoo hoo! Who knew that would be so much fun but after 7 weeks of sleeping all over the world it was nice to wake up to familiar surroundings and two giant dogs sleeping on me...Really, it was cool.
In the morning I make the fun drive down to the airport which will take forever since I hear rain and Californians have a problem with water when it falls from the sky. We are fine to surf in it, just not to drive in it. My friend Jess will drop me off at the airport and then I will have a fun filled day flying to the East coast for a youth day on Sunday in Arlington Virginia. Then it's back on a plane and back home to the West coast by Sunday 11pm. No the fun does not stop, it slows down from time to time but it does not stop!