Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Transworld Skate

For Tommy's birthday I told him we would go on a tour of Transworld Media. That's the place in Oceanside where they make Transworld Skate, Surf, Quad, BMX and other sport magazines that I would break an appendage if I attempted. My God Daughters daddy (does that make him my God Baby's Daddy?) is the Event Director for Transworld Skateboarding and was kind enough to give us the tour and give Tommy all sorts of swag. Included in the tour was a lesson on the giant map (pictured), a game of ping pong, a gander at the warehouse that looks just like the one in The Office, meeting all sorts of nice surfer and skate people and even a guy from Wales, looking through the break room's refrigerator and a tour of the company skate ramp (all not pictured). The best part about the day was giving a youngster the false idea that working in an office environment could be fun. Shoot, I might even last a week in a place that sells surf wax in a bubble gum machine for a quarter right next to the free cappuccino machine. Happy Birthday Tommy and stay in school!