Friday, July 10, 2009


Melting in Houston, Texas today. It seems that God forgot to turn off the oven here. Once again, San Diego wins. Usually I am in Texas every time I fly. Since Continental lands here no matter where you fly I'm often in the George Bush airport. It was weird to not just sit in the terminal for a few hours but to actually go outside, into the oven. I was just informed we are having a "cool down" because it's only going to be 99 today.
Now I'm heading over to the Hilton for the start of the Archdiocesan Youth Conference (AYC). It should be a good time if the AC stays on. I am looking forward to hanging out with Paul and Ennie my brothers from two different mothers who are also speaking this weekend. Then on Sunday we are heading out on the "Big Black Judy", a boat named after yours to soon follow.