Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Hey Lady

Hey lady, your name on a piece of rice?

No gracias.

Want a massage?

That was basically every conversation I had with anyone who tried to sell me anything while I was in Cabo San Lucas.
Apparently I looked stressed.
Everyone thought I was in need of a massage. From the guy selling "Roy-Bans" to the lady who wanted to braid my hair (actually she just wanted to braid my hair, she was very serious about beauty). I remember the good old days when buying Mexican fireworks or a whip was just that, there was no hidden agenda. After awhile it stressed me out, but I was not about to give in and get a massage. And its a good thing, I watch 20/20 and had the advice of my dad, "don't trust anyone." I was not about to let them win. I was vigilant for the rest of the trip. Like a ninja I avoided eye contact with all street vendors, small dogs and elderly tourists, all could have possibly offered me a deadly massage. So I'm home from vacation, tired and in desperate need of a massage.