Monday, October 18, 2010

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Monday, October 18, 2010 




Yankees-Red Sox.

A new chapter is written today.

Today, on her birthday (I will show some class and not mention her age), I had lunch with Judy McDonald. If you don't know Judy, she is a very gifted woman who has done comedy professionally but also has a lot of great witnessing and faith to share as well. 

She picked Dave & Busters as our lunch spot, which just so happened to have a Pop-a Shot basketball hoop.  Judy has a competitive streak (bless her heart, poor darling) and it was clear she wanted to test skills and smack talking abilities.
She won the first game, then two.  Must be luck, I thought.  Then I won two games to tie it and I asked her if she wanted to give before it got ugly.
 I didn't know how prophetic I am. 
That is when she won the next 5 in a row to serve me birthday humble pie---she won 7 to 2.
I have a long off-season to rehabilitate.  I shall return.
Happy BD Judy!