Wednesday, April 06, 2011


For some reason, I could not fall asleep last night.  Even though I was planning on waking up at 5:45am to walk and was tired from the day, something kept me up.  For one thing there was a squirrel outside my window, yes a squirrel, that found out it could chirp and was trying out it's lungs all night long.  Second factor was a obese yellow lab with a snoring problem.  After tossing and turning I finally turned on the TV and found Nightline.  There was a story about people preparing for Doomsday.  Apparently, people are taking stock of world events and coming to the understanding that anywhere from a week to a few years out, it's gonna hit the fan and the world is just going to explode. 
I am not convinced. 
Not only am I not convinced but I don't care. 
Here is why.
Since the history of the world, things have been exploding, shifting, flooding and shaking.  I'm sure the dinosaurs had an inkling that something was up one day when they saw the stegosaurus' who attended the Fundamentalist church' shoes there and they were nowhere to be found (awesome dinosaur rapture joke).
 There has always been wars, political leaders who were bullies, governments who have oppressed people, poverty, hang nails, and the list goes on.
What adds to the current frenzy is I suppose nuclear war, radiation spills and twitter.
The same bad stuff is still happening but now it glows in the dark and we hear about it at the speed of sound.
So why am I not concerned? Well, for one thing, I figure, realistically I have a good 60 or so years left in me and with 34 already out of the way, I can totally do what I already did twice again until I meet Jesus...if the world explodes and I meet Him sooner, I just won't have to fill out my tax form next year, big deal!

Another reason I am not concerned about the end of the world is that I now realize that I could go a lot of different ways before Doomsday happens.  I almost died twice yesterday, once while tripping over the dog while holding a sharp object and then again while thinking too hard while trying to do math in my head.  So really, Doomsday would be an easy out compared to the trouble I find myself in without even leaving my house.

The Nightline piece said when a major disaster happens in the USA stores will be out of food within hours and most people will only have a three day supply of food in their house. Three days was also the time limit until Anarchy ensued.
I have about 3 days of food supply in the bottom of my purse alone, so that buys me a few days.  And I own a baseball bat, a headlamp and I have a rosary in my pocket so bring it on civil unrest.
Whatever happens, I'm ready, so if you are concerned, just call me, no wait, the phones will be dead, just come find me and I'll loan you a bat.