Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Up Dawg

This has been the longest stretch I have been home all year and Mac is just coming to the understanding that I can be trusted not to leave the house while he goes to get a bone from my mom (that's how we soften the blow during a road trip, he gets a bone while I slip out the door and if by chance our eyes do meet, I simply explain "I am going to church" because he knows that never lasts more than a few hours).  He has stopped following me every time I get up, well most times, at least he has stopped trying to come into the shower with me.  
It is nice to be loved so much.  Even if Mac does not love perfectly,  he does try.  Like the other day when he wanted to show me he cared for me by plopping his golden retriever body down on my lap while I was working on my laptop.  Apparently dogs don't understand that paws and keyboards do not mix.  All he wanted was to sit on me to make sure I did not escape again.  I don't know what happens when I leave town, but it must be too horrible to talk about because for as close as we are, Mac has never opened up about it.  I do know that Mac is smarter than I was at 10.  For one thing he has avoided going to the doctor for almost a year now.  Of course when I was 10 I didn't bite (stopped that at 9).  He also knows when to disappear when my mom decides its time to clean his ears, give him a bath or tries to get him to do math homework...again, something I would have killed to figure out at 10.