Thursday, September 18, 2008

Government Check

Everyday I love walking down to the mailbox and getting the mail. Sometimes I make the trek just to get out in the fresh air and sunshine for a few minutes. But deep down I check the mail to see if today is the day Uncle Sam sends me my check. I make it down to the end of the driveway and come dangerously close to the idiots who fly past the house on a blind corner while walking to the front of the box to peer inside. A few years ago after losing many boxes to "mailbox baseball' my dad put in a steel box and pole. Now they can swing but we can guarantee you won't get a hit. Along with the steel trap of death box comes a lock because I'm not the only one who likes to get our mail. So now you either need a key or small child like hands with long arms to steal our mail. As I peer inside I see the mail and the coveted penny saver and I go in. I sort through and wouldn't you know it, no check from the government. Ever since I filed my income taxes I have been waiting for my check to stimulate the economy. And everyday I shut the mail box sad because no check. It's like when you mail off box tops for a secret decoder ring and the 6 to 9 weeks seems like a lifetime. Finally after months of waiting I was told that I didn't make enough last year to get a 'stimulate the economy check' that all my friends are raving about. Now I'm not into conspiracy theories but every since I learned about this the economy took a major dive. I'm not saying anything that you aren't already thinking. Perhaps my $300 could have made the difference. We will never know. The good news is that their is a dead bunny at the end of the driveway that my mom swears is just taking a nap. Bad news for the napping bunny but good news for me because now I can spend the next few weeks watching natures television. I might even get a rabbits foot out of the deal.