Monday, October 13, 2008

Good and Bad

GOOD+I got a new phone, a blackberry. I really like it.
BAD- I turned my back on a puppy for 2 minutes and he chewed on my new phone.

BAD- I am having a panic attack because I fly to Minnesota on Wednesday and don't have a seat assignment and if I have to sit in the middle seat I will eat my own ear.
GOOD+I just checked my seat assignments and the airline I have uber frequent flyer miles with has a partnership program with this airline and automatically upgraded me to first class on 3 out of my 4 flights.

GOOD+ It's my birthday on Saturday.
BAD- I'm another year older and I still live at a home that I do not own

GOOD+ By living at home and working real hard I have been able to save money.
BAD- I invested that money in very stable stocks and bonds...oops.

GOOD+It smells like camp fire outside.
BAD- It smells that way because there are wild fires so close to our house that we can see the flames.

BAD- I went running last week.
BAD- I went running last week.