Monday, January 19, 2009

Party People

Our parties are just like the ones in D.C. but cost 150 million dollars less, plus we have Mass and a rosary first...and we have Abbot Charles.

Tonight we celebrated the 18Th year of Monday night Pray-a-palooza and proved once again that Catholics know how to whoop it up better out of all the other religions. If you have a problem with that statement, come on over and me and my posse will throw a beat down. Case in point I told the lady in red that I thought her brownies tasted a bit odd and she threw me into a head lock, don't mess with us! We are the last religion on earth that can still be made fun of and discriminated against and frankly we are sick of it and in response are training our elderly to fight...and it's going rather well.

We have also recruited one more secret weapon...Mikey.
Mikey is not only walking the walk but the boy is talking the talk, old school. He is now taking favorite Bible stories and turning them into hilarious hip hop songs. Not only a hit with the younger crowd but some of the elderly can follow him as well. People wanted change and truly Mikey is delivering.
Just think what Mikey could do with a 150 million dollar budget...oh man, it would be awesome.