Tuesday, November 24, 2009

NCYC 2009 Blog

Last weekend I had the extreme pleasure of being with 22,000 of my closest friends at the National Catholic Youth Conference.  I had my very own concurrent session and was also part of the comedy club.  There's something special about walking around a convention center and knowing that if you suddenly drop dead you will get last rites from one of the countless priests walking around or even one of the 27 Bishops who flew in from all over the country (they took a plane because everyone knows only Cardinals and up can fly with the help of the their holy cape) to hang out with their flocks.

A great thing about the conference was the fact that I got to see all  my buddies who also travel and have fun jobs for Jesus.  We all had dinner at the Japanese steak house one night but I feel that none of them quite had the same experience that I had.  I just really appreciate Japanese hibachi showmanship, when good food and good entertainment meet, it's magical.

I also got to see the return of my friend Bob, who just a few months earlier suffered a series of strokes and was even paralyzed for awhile.  To see him on stage in front of thousands of people was truly awesome.  I especially liked his idea of turning a collection of piñatas and toilet paper loose on the crowd.

It's times like this when I get to look around and feel normal with what I do. Maybe it's just being surrounded by other weird people who have the same kind of job that I do.
I get to relax and be surrounded by fun Catholic people who understand what it's like not to have a traditional job in the eyes of the secular world or in the eye's of the church.  Sometimes the only eye's that really get us is the big JC.  We work for Jesus and we also like slapstick.  This is why he sent them out in 2's...so they wouldn't feel like dorks.