Thursday, December 31, 2009

2010 Year in Review

I'm skipping past the year in review of 2009 and Im going to just let you know what happens in 2010.  2010 is really good for me, I'm not even gonna lie.  First of all I win the lottery and get run over by an Amtrak train all on the same day.  But don't worry, I settle out of court and let's just say in 2010 Mctraks run right on time.  The lotto win allowed me to finally buy my own place, one for each day of the week.  I finally bought everyone in my family new cars, mom, really loves her new Hummer and dad is all over town on his Vespa.  We make him wear a helmet, we have matching ones that I wear while I'm eating.

2010 also brought an opportunity to host my own late night talk show.  I declined the offer but kept the free t-shirt.

While on a trip to Ireland I fell down a hill and landed on my now fiance Dr. Seamus Patrick Sean Murphy.  He doesn't practice medicine anymore since he's so good at it.  We don't marry in 2010 because I told him I won't get hitched until he gets his handicap down.  Like I'd marry somebody with a 4 handicap, please, as if.

2010 also brought my 200,000 air mile which earned me the right to wear the pilots hat and 2 free refills on flights over 4 hours long as longs as no one has a bomb in their knickers.

Summer of 2010 was quite embarrassing.  While out for a late surf session a photographer from Sports Illustrated snapped a shot of me which landed on the cover which a major wash-board company president saw and signed me as there spokesperson.

The best part of 2010 in my opinion was my Oscar nominee for my portrayal as Michelle Obama, but that's another story, for another time.

Who'd a thunk it, little ole me?

2010 was a great year!