Friday, December 18, 2009

People I am praying for:

Instead of getting angry at people, a wise person once told me to pray for them instead.
  • Those who live where it is not 78 degrees like it is here today. Move all ready, you know during winter it's going to snow, that's why they call it winter and not sunny happy summer time.
  • People who circle the gym parking lot for 20 minutes looking for a spot close to the door so they don't have to walk far but then get inside and walk 20 miles on the treadmill.
  • People who's legs are whiter than mine...I blinded a flock of seagulls whilst on the golf course yesterday and three of them died after crashing into trees.
  • Whoever thought of the new Levi Strauss commercials, "Pioneers, oh pioneers." I think they need a hug, or a slap.
  • Those who have never smelled puppy breathe and walked away a better person, puppy breathe is an untapped resource for world peace.
  • Doctors without borders, I hope they find them soon and respect them.  They are there for a reason.
  • Alec Baldwin, who says he is walking away from acting in 2012 because he is bored with it, I pray he doesn't think politics will fill the void.
  • The people who take the McRib off the menu.  I think we are all in agreement, people love, "when the McRib is back".  So just leave it on the menu and sustain the love year round.  This counts for the shamrock shake as well.
  • All the kids in the Gap commercials who will one day grow out of their "cutness" and will grow old, alone, bitter, wearing terribly out of date horribly small Gap sweaters from their commercial.
  • know why.