Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Beach Boys

While the homestead was getting a new roof the roofers suggested that the dogs might want to leave the house because of all the noise. Since both dogs had recently lost their licence because of boating DUI's I had to drive them. They insisted we went to the beach. The closest beach that allows dogs to frolic in the waves is in Del Mar so off we went. Boy, where they so excited to get in my car, I mean Mac was excited, but it took three of us to lift Chewie into the back...the spirit was willing but his fat butt was weak. So off we went and we frolicked, well I did, who knew dogs could get so embarrassed. We swam in the water that was a bit funky smelling, probably due to the other frolicking dogs and got sand in all sorts of places that God never intended to have sand. After one last swim we headed to the car and half way back Chewie decided he would not only lay down in the sand but to also do a gator death roll in the sand and collected about 6 pounds of the beach in his coat. As soon as we got back to the car the lads lasted as long as they could but eventually both passed out like sailors after a long furlough.

Funny story, after all that we got home and the roofers never made it that day. And so today we spent the day under 18 men on our roof. Today the dogs benefited from Benadryl just as much as a trip to the beach and we saved in gas money to boot.