Wednesday, June 18, 2008


It is hot! So in Mac's world that means as soon as he gets up in the morning he heads to the pool. Like a seasoned surfer checking the waves, Mac checks the pool with his tongue. He can tell the temperature of the water, it's chlorine levels and also gets two radio stations from south of the border (which requires an extra hook up that I won't explain here). If Mac was a man he would wear only sandals and OP shorts and surf tee's. I'm sure he would be balding, what with all the chlorine but he wouldn't have a comb over, he would keep it short but not a balding pony tail, Mac is classier than that. But he wouldn't just be a hippie he would be a rich hippie, those are the worst kind. But as it is he is just a golden retriever who at 8 is going through dog mid life crisis...I hope he doesn't buy a sports car.