Sunday, June 22, 2008

California Birthday

Maddy turned 8 today and what a great day to have a birthday party at the beach. Just below where Tiger played golf last week at Torrey Pines, we ripped it up in the waves (no not Black's beach, below and slightly to the left). When I say, "ripped it up" I mean in enough time to get third degree burns and the start of skin cancer I pushed little kids into waves on a giant foam surfboard. Some highlights of the day were:
1. A seal popping up right in front of me while I was sitting on my board and I thought it was a shark for a split second and me and Jesus got real close.
2. I spotted a little fish flailing in the water and I bent down and picked it up with my bare hands while the small children stood in awe with their mouths agape, I was going to eat it but I was saving room for cupcakes with sand on them.
3. When a large fish went by and the kids starting yelling "shark" only for me to explain it wasn't a shark but maybe a sea bass which made one little girl scream, "I'm really afraid of bass". Being the caring person I am I had to laugh because apparently the thought of bass swimming next to her and the possibility of that bass eating her invoked her fear of bass to a whole new level and it was just too much to handle.

All in all a good day to be 8.