Saturday, November 29, 2008

My Hatred

On Thursday I was thankful but now it's Saturday and I can tell you what makes me angry:
Fake Christmas trees. My hatred of fake Christmas trees stems from my disdain of fake shrubbery and objects in general. It's as silly as fake fruit. Have you ever been in someones house and took a gander at a bowl of fake fruit?
First of all, usually fake fruit bowls can be spotted right away because in my experience, bananas normally don't collect dust. But if one dusts regularly and can pass off fake fruit as a real fruit bowl, what purpose does the fake fruit have? If I'm starving and bite into your well dusted fake banana I'm going to be angry not to mention probably break a tooth.
Which comes to the fake Christmas tree. Sure, it looks like a real Christmas tree. You can hang ornaments on it and even put presents under it and it can pass as a real tree. Except for one very important and some might say the most important part. The smell.
The smell which a real Christmas tree produces is right up there next to puppy breath in my book. As in the situation with the finely dusted fruit, if one is tricked into going in nose first into a fake devil tree and taking in a deep whiff ready to smell the goodness which ones expects to receive and is sadly met with plastic, well, one can become disillusioned and might even sneeze. Let trees be trees and fruit be fruit as Jesus intended them to be.

Great, now I'm still angry plus hungry for a dusty banana.