Wednesday, November 12, 2008


My Aunt Mary is visiting from Bismark North Dakota. Aunt Mary to you, but in this house we refer to her as Auntie Poo. Poo got her name from a nasty habit she use to have. Before you get scandalized, the habit was smoking. When I was around her I would say, "poo, that stinks". Hence the name stuck...I wasn't that original considering the day I was handing out names Uncle Boots had a certain kind of footwear on.
Anyway, my favorite thing about Auntie Poo was what she use to bring with her and that was some extra hair. I would chase people and even myself around the house with her wigs barking...I thought it was the coolest thing in the world. Auntie Poo was the first one in my life to call me an explicit but for some reason it was done so with love. I was reminded as I came in the door tonight and was greeted with one, ahhh, somethings never change. Like Auntie Poo's hair in a wind storm.