Sunday, November 09, 2008

They're Back!

After 15 days at sea the parents are back and now my house is a mess! Exscuse me, their house is a mess. While they were gone the dogs and I had ever so much fun and you can hardly see the stains on the carpet anymore.
They came bearing gifts as you can see in this picture. Me and my sister now match my dad with our "dam ship" sweat shirt. They bought them using their "dam dollars" on the "dam ship". I'm not cussing, that's just a clever Holland America Cruise line marketing ploy...pretty "dam stupid" if you ask me, but I got a free sweatshirt out of the deal. Perfect for those chilly November nights now that we are dipping into the lower 70's. Also in the picture you see the sweet Hawaiian bling bling my nephews were gifted with. They are so happy...I wonder if they still know where those leis are 24 hours after receiving sweatshirt is in the closet, after being washed of course. Who knows what was on the damn thing.