Thursday, September 10, 2009

Tommy Plunkett: Hero

My oldest nephew Tommy has a new edition to his wardrobe.  It's that black sock, isn't it awesome!  He also has a cast.  He got it because he is an extreme skateboarder.  This is how he hurt it:
Tommy was skateboarding in Oceanside just minding his own business when he saw a giant bird swoop out of the sky and pick up an old lady's dog right out of her hands.  Hearing the lady's cries and enraged that a bird thought he could eat her dog made Tommy furious.  He started to skate as fast as he could as the bird took the poor dog higher and higher into the air.  Tommyt saw a man putting his longboard into the rear of his truck and without hesitation threw his cell phone at the back of the man's head which made the man fall forward onto his board which in turn made the longboard into a perfect launch ramp.  Tommy went up the long board into the sky and grabbed the little dog from the clutches of the bird.  He landed perfectly and skated back to the old lady and gave her back the dog.  She was so happy she hugged and kissed Tommy.  Her breath was so bad he fell backwards into oncoming traffic and his foot got run over by a guy in a Hummer who was texting on his phone while driving.

Or at least that's what I heard what happened.  Only 3 and a half more weeks in the cast to go, until then, old ladies, hold on to your dogs.